Club update - St Nics wall, Trips, Socials.

St Nic’s Wall

At the request of the sports centre, the wall evening will move back to the old slot of 7 – 10 on Wednesday evenings from Wednesday 4 August. The committee will encourage members to come along and will talk to the centre about arranging a route setting day. This is likely to be in September.


Trips are continuing though attendance has been mixed. The various Covid restrictions have added more difficulty. Wales in particular has been out of bounds until now. We will continue to arrange trips into the Autumn, with more day trips and trips to more local venues as we get towards the end of the climbing year. The club will contact the members to gauge enthusiasm for a trip to Guernsey in October. At present, no committee member can commit to attending which may make it difficult to arrange.


The committee decided not to try and arrange an Annual Dinner for January next year, as there are still too many uncertainties involved in organising large indoor gatherings. There is the issue as to how many members would be willing to attend. A local venue that serves food in a semi-outdoors setting was suggested as a suitable place for club members to actually meet in person. This will be pursued with the idea of doing this before the end of the summer.




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