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  1. Club Rules
  2. Wall Rules
  3. Club Constitution
  • Club members are responsible for their own safety and equipment, they are required to ensure that their equipment is safe to use; you are also required to be mindful of those around them and their safety. The Club accepts no responsibility for loss of personal equipment or injury
  • When at the Wall members must abide by rules of Nicholas Park Leisure Centre
  • Members must not misuse Club equipment, and must report all damage to an officer of the Club immediately
  • Members must report loose or broken holds on Warwick Wall to an officer of the Club at their earliest convenience.
  • Members and their guests are expected to act in a responsible manner where ever and whenever involved in Club activities.
  • Members may not publish any media appertaining to the Club, without the committees’ permission.
  • Members using their own equipment at the Warwick Wall must ensure that it is in a safe condition, and must cease to use it when requested to do so for safety reasons by an officer of the Club.
  • Members climbing at the Warwick Wall must not use bad practice, and must cease to do so when requested to for safety reasons by an officer of the Club.
  • Under 16's must be supervised, and belayed, by their parent or legal guardian, who should be aware of, and accept, the risks inherent in climbing and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.
  • For younger children with small waists and little hip definition, a full body harness is mandatory. The club do not provide full body harnesses.
  • Even as a member of Warwick Climbing Club, an Officer of the club may refuse the right to climb to anyone who they consider is not sufficiently competent or a danger to others.
  • Only card-carrying members of Warwick Climbing Club are permitted to climb on this wall. This restriction ensures that climbers are covered by BMC insurance.
  • Currently, the club cannot lend harnesses to members although it is hoped that this restriction will be lifted by the start of 2016. We are however happy to provide climbing shoes.
  • No route setting is to take place during Monday and Wednesday evening climbing sessions. Sessions will be arranged for other times. Please speak to Geoff if you want to help set routes.
  • Please report any loose holds to a committee member who will re-tighten them.
  • Any questions please ask a member of the committee, either at the wall or by email.


  • The club shall be known as Warwick Climbing Club (referred to as WCC)


  • The primary interest of WCC is to participate in, and encourage and assist others to join in, all forms of climbing:- mountaineering, hill walking and rock climbing


  • Membership of WCC is open to anyone with a genuine interest in the activities of the club, regardless of gender, race, religion or disability.
  • Members must abide by club rules. The committee may at its discretion terminate the membership of any member whose continued membership is not in the best interests of WCC


  • An annual subscription as determined by the committee shall be paid in January of each year by each member. Anyone not renewing membership by 31st January shall not be regarded as a member thereafter. Note:- to allow adequate time to pay membership, payment may be made from 1st December of preceding year (renewal and new)


  • The affairs of WCC shall be managed by a committee elected by the membership in January of each year
  • The committee shall consist of at least 5 members, to include Secretary, Treasurer and Events co-ordinator (the officers) plus 2, or more, (non portfolio) nominated members. Any person not renewing or taking up membership by the AGM will not be eligible for nomination or re-election
  • The committee shall meet as frequently as necessary to conduct business; decisions shall be by majority vote and a quorum of 3 including at least 3 officers shall be permitted to conduct WCC business
  • The committee shall be empowered to co-operate with other groups, associations, clubs, governing bodies, youth and uniformed organisations etc. in order to further the aims and objectives of WCC
  • The committee or any other member shall not receive remuneration for services to WCC although out-of-pocket expenses incurred on club business may be reimbursed


  • For finance purposes, WCC year shall begin on 1st January. A statement of accounts made up to and including 31st December shall be presented by the Treasurer by 31st January.
  • A bank account in the name of WCC shall be operated by the Treasurer, cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other signatory

Annual report

  • An annual report will be prepared and presented to members by 31st January